About Us

Life is not a spectator sport. If watching is all you're going to do, you're going to watch your life go by, without you”

So get up and take charge of YOUR Life !Unlock all the dreams and desires you have ever had. Learn a new language, go camping, learn to play the guitar, learn to dance and so much more.

BookUrClass is the one stop solution for all your learning and adventure needs. If you have the talent, we can connect you with an eager audience. If you wish to learn, we can connect you with those who have the expertise. All this with utmost trust and confidence.

Be it camping, adventure, pottery, guitar classes, basketball, yoga, kids dance classes, Chinese classes, drums, kids activities, ballet, bollywood, dirt biking, sailing, and even hobby flying, you name it……

Log on to BookUrClass, pick up a hobby and pursue it with the best teachers in your locality, go river rafting in the ganges, go flying over the Mumbai skies with your friends, go for a pottery workshop with your kids, discover your inner talent for charcoal drawing, become a hobby flier or enroll for an acting course. Each and every class/activity has been curated by the team which ensures that you are only exposed to the best teachers in terms of expertise and knowledge plus the right reputation and background. Additionally, you are ensured of a clean atmosphere and a good, safe environment where you or your wards can go and pursue your passion in peace.

Here’s how we operate:

We offer an online arena where knowledge seekers and adventure enthusiasts can seek out their passion, find out the best place to advance it and book it online. The Knowledge/adventure seekers get access to a wide selection of activities to choose from including ratings and reviews to base their decision on. They can go ahead and register for any of these classes/activities.

In addition, knowledge coaches/activity providers can advertise their classes and get bookings for the same. In addition, we also give them an easy to access free database where they can maintain their student/client details. We also offer a seamless environment where payments can be made and received by organizations and teachers.

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